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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five for Friday (a tad late!)

Two weeks in a row!  Go me!  Thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting such a fun linky party!


On Saturday we headed to the aquarium.  I love seeing these big guys!  It's so neat!

 I was very excited to test out this book I made for my Kindergarteners.  I was thrilled that they loved it so much!  It was really great to see 3 of them be able to move ahead without my help.  I loved how excited they were!  Of course with all of these fun things we've been doing I need to now buy more glue!  Click here to pick up a copy!

Finally started using my awesome pocket chart letters I created!  They're fun!  You can pick up your own here.

BOTH of my children slept completely through Wednesday night!  It was a miracle!  My baby even slept 13 HOURS!  Unheard of in my house!  I actually got to wake up to my alarm that morning.  I still can't get over the awesomeness.  I walked around feeling so refreshed!

I love Friday.  For obvious reasons and because I get to "dress down" for $2.  This means I got to wear my new jeans.  Losing baby weight rocks!

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