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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CVC Short 'a' Decodable Stories & Activities

Success!  My CVC Short 'a' Decodable text was a hit!  They loved reading the story and decoding the words.  Everyone read it to themselves, to a partner, and then all together.  This allowed me to spend some extra time with one of my little friends who needed some help reading.

One of my favorite parts is from the Activity Sheet.  The first thing on the sheet asks students to go back to the story and highlight or circle any words that say 'a' like 'BAT'.  This allowed for a great discussion on long vs. short 'a'.  I had to remind them that just because they see the letter 'a' doesn't mean it says the sound they are looking for.

My friend here tried to highlight the word 'a' in the title.  After she did it, she looked at me with a "waitttt that's not right" look.  I like that look haha.  The rest she did great and even knew that 'play' didn't say what she was looking for.

I always appreciate a quick opportunity for my students to practice writing neatly.  They actually sat quietly and worked hard to write neatly!

We didn't have time to do everything.  I was looking forward to it too!  Here's a peek at what we didn't get to.  There is a "Build a Word" sheet and an "Activity Sheet."  We only completed the highlight part of the "Activity Sheet."  There's a comprehension part and a match the word to the picture.

There's also pocket chart versions of each story.  I meant to take a picture of it before I left work buttt I raced out because I forgot I was meeting my mom to pick up the boys instead of getting them from her house!  Oops!  I will post one tomorrow!  I am moving on to Short 'e' next week so get ready from some more great activities!  Also, most of my groups will be working on fluency and decoding...even my upper grades.  I have to get my BIG products done for that ASAP!

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