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Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

At least I got it on a Friday this time?  Haha.  I know I've been slacking in the blogging departmenet but I've been trying to at least do this!  Thanks again to Doodle Bugs Teaching!


Hi my name is TROUBLE!  I caught the little stinker trying to CLIMB to get his brother's water bottle.  The other day he threw a hardcore hold his breath and turned purple tantrum over his brother's CHICKEN NUGGET.  No joke lol.  Food is serious business to this kid!


We are plugging along with short "u" in Kindergarten this week.  We do the same types of activities for each short vowel so by now they've got this down.  That makes it easier to get through everything because they already know the directions!  Yay!  Here's a peek at one of my friend's short u book I created.  They come out real cute I must say ;)  Get yours here if you are interested!


Heading on to /WH/ this week with my first graders!  They always love seeing which kid is coming up next!  They're also getting much better at this highlighting business. This came from Cara Carroll's Consonant Digraph unit.  Click here to pick it up for yourself!

I know I already mentioned short u but I forgot I took a pic of this!  I was so proud she remembered that duck needed /ck/ at the end...even if she did lose her letter /k/ and had to write it.  She did have a /b/ at the end of tub but I think it got stuck to the paper on top!  Not in my TPT store yet because I want to created one more story for that packet but keep your eye out!

I found this on pinterest.  I'd love to get creative for the little one's baptism.  However, I think I'm too lazy.  Scratch that.  Too TIRED!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Five for Friday! On a Sunday...whoops!

Ah!! I'm late!  I know!  But I actually took photos this week so I wanted to do it anyways!  Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching!


As a final, quick, reinforcement of "Short O" for my Kindergarteners I did this fun sort from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!  I believe I got this for free when she was celebrating a milestone on TPT.  There a TON of activities for all the short vowels.  I wish I had time for more!  My kids enjoyed it AND one of my little friends had her thinking cap on that day and knew that "robot" should go in the middle!


I introduced Bossy R to my 2nd graders.  To my surprise, 1st, 3rd, and I believe 4th were all jealous and want to do it too!  We started off our unit with my Bossy R sort.  I put the headings in my pocket chart and introduce the sounds.  Then, I hand them each a picture, one at a time.  They say what is is and I ask them what they hear.  They USUALLY get AR/OR right away and can place those.  The other three are harder.  That's when they have to think of how it might be spelled. They make their choice then turn the card over to see how the word is spelled and if they are correct.  I guess I will be doing this with my other groups soon!


 Wrapped up CH/SH this week with a great sorting activity.  This came from Cara Carroll's Consonant Digraph unit.  We are really enjoying the stories and activities in it as I mentioned last week.  Click here to pick it up for yourself!

We had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a word find using magnifying glasses!  This St. Patrick's Day Search and Find Little Words is from Kinderkay.  My kindergarteners loved it!  I'm excited to do even more with them!

Finally, one of my very good friends has created some amazing things for my little one's baptism!  She made our invites, cupcake toppers, and a banner!  I have also recruited her to make special "thank you" cards for his godparents.  I can't wait to see what she does for his birthday!  Check out her store and other products here!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday!

Grrr I was so sleepy last Friday that I didn't get to do this!  And then I thought I'd post late on Saturday but was exhausted again! Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching!


My 3 year old had to make a leprechaun trap for school.  Then I had to tell him what a leprechaun was and why he had to catch one haha.  He did such a great job with minimum parental help.  That's right PARENTS.  My child did HIS project by HIMSELF.  Lucky for me, he didn't pick up on the fact that most of the other traps are large, complicated, and in no way created by a pre-schooler.  As a parent and an educator this drives me nuts!

No pic for this but my 9 month old is trouble.  He is getting into EVERYTHING!  His brother's toys, my work bag, dog food, etc.  I even purposely picked up the dog dish off the floor and he STILL found the ONE PIECE OF DOG FOOD that fell off.  Let's not forget that he is becoming a daredevil.  He's pulling himself up on everything and is now holding on with one hand.  Yesterday he was holding onto the train table one handed (his favorite hang out).  I motioned for him to come over to me and he actually let go, stood there for a second, and then fell into my arms.  Crazy baby!  He's lucky he's so stinking cute ;)

Short 'i' and short 'o' overload!  For some reason it took us (my kindergarteners) foreverrrr to get through short 'i' so I decided to cram short 'o' into a few days.  I usually have them do the short vowel sentence building book on their own but we completed the short o one together.  It was actually really great and quick.  They've been working hard on short vowels in their classrooms so I'm eager to dive into digraphs and magic e.

Speaking of consonant digraphs, we've been reading about "Chompin' Charlie" and "Shopping Shirley!"  Cara Carroll created a really fun unit filled with decodable stories and a TON of sorts!  My first graders are loving the stories.  Of course using highlighters to highlight all the /CH/ or /SH/ words increases the excitement! Click here to pick it up for yourself!

I'm STILL trying to organize all of the great materials that I've collected over the past few years.  I have a million binders and plastic page protectors!  Okay maybe not a million but there's a LOT!  It takes a lot of prep BUT I firmly believe in organizing something like this as you go.  I can't tell you how happy I was when I started this job and I had already had so many wonderful things all organized from previous years of tutoring.  It's so helpful and can make things less stressful!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

R-Controlled Vowels "Bossy R" Posters, Activities, & Worksheets

Wow!  I'm so impressed I actually got this done a week after the diphthongs packet!  Go me! :)  Here it is!  I've been hearing such great things about my other packets so I really hope this one can help out you guys as well!

Here is what's included:

*Features AR, ER, IR, OR, & UR R-Controlled Vowels Cuties graphics created to help students get a visual of what sound each “Bossy R” makes
*R-Controlled Vowels “Bossy R” mini posters
* Pocket chart sorting activity
*Spin and Read game
* Memory game
*Worksheets (Missing R-Controlled Vowels and 3 levels of Fill in the Blank)

My first graders are DYING to get to Bossy R!  It's all they're talking about!  I guess it didn't help that I told them I had a pirate sort that we would be doing when we got to it haha.  EVERYDAY my students refer to the cuties posters that I have placed under their correct word house spot.  I only have my Vowel Digraph and Diphthong cuties posters up but they are all so interested in them.  Even my little ones who haven't quite grasped those concepts yet are asking me questions and pointing out a word that has those vowel combinations together.  I love it!  I can't wait to see their excited little faces when I places these under our word house Monday!

I'm hoping to have my consonant digraph books and book bundle up in my TPT either later today or on Sunday.  Also, I am looking forward to share with you all the neat stuff I purchased during the big TPT sale.