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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dipththong "Whiners" Posters, Activities, & Worksheets

 I DID IT!  I finally finished my Diphthong "Whiners" Posters, Activities, and Worksheets packet! Yay!  Actually, I'm almost finished with my R-Controlled Vowels "Bossy R" one too!  Wahoo!  My Vowel Digraphs "Talkers" Packet is getting a lot of traffic on Pinterest and seems to be becoming a popular download too.  I'm hoping this packet and the R-Controlled Vowels one will be just as helpful to everyone!

Here we go!

For those of you familiar with my Vowel Digraphs "Talkers" Packet you will know exactly what's in here, just with diphthongs!  For those of you unfamiliar with my previous packet, here's what's included:

*Features AU, OO, OI, OY, & OU Diphthong Cuties graphics created to help students get a visual of what sound each “whiner” makes
*Diphthong “Whiners” mini posters
* Pocket chart sorting activity
*Spin and Read game
* Memory game
*Worksheets (Missing Diphthongs and 3 levels of Fill in the Blank)

My students REALLY enjoy these activities.  I made the posters smaller and they are now hanging under their appropriate spot on our word house.  They frequently refer to it!  It's been a great tool!  I will be posting pics of us using it in class soon!  PLEASE check back frequently for more great products!  My R-Controlled packet should be done this week as well as my digraph books!

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