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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Peek at my Week!

With a full week ahead of us, I actually have some stuff to post about!  I'm seriously hoping this week doesn't contain anymore throwing up or stuffy noses.  I'm so over my babies having that!  Now it's time to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her "A Peek at My Week" linky party!  I'm so happy to be joining again this week!

Since we have new groups and I was told that many of them were fluency and decoding, I needed something to help me out!  I don't really have a baseline as to wear to start with everyone.  I especially don't know where to start with the upper grades!  I finally purchased the Gr. 1 and Gr. 2 Common Core comprehension books that I mentioned in a previous post.  One of the reading teachers has  Gr. 3-5 and I love them!  I liked them so much I wanted to see what else that company has to offer.  Here's what I picked up!

I'm so excited to use them!  They're just what I needed!  I love that for each topic, it gives you a 5 day lesson plan/activities.  It seems pretty quick but that's perfect for my groups!

Ugh I wish I could remember where I heard this next awesome thing I will be doing.  I'm pretty sure it was Pinterest.  I just have to see if I still have it pinned!  Anywho, I read about a teacher who used tap lights for phonemic awareness activities.  I will most DEFINITELY be posting about this soon!   I'm so excited!

I have been super slacking off with entering all my kids into my AIMS WEB group.  Ugh. There's no time at work for me and then my babies will NOT let me do that!  MUST...FIND...TIME!

And finally, the healthy eating continues *sigh*.  You have no idea how badly I want a chocolate cake.  Okay maybe you do lol.

Stay tuned for more!  I have a lot more products coming your way this week!  

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    When I work on fluency with my 4th graders, we do a lot of Readers Theater and silly poems. There is a great website that they love: My kiddos love fluency time because they don't THINK they are doing any work. Ha! Tricked them again!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings