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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hot dog! I sold my very first thing on TPT!

My husband is currently laughing at BUT I sold my very first thing on TPT!  Granted after they and PayPal take their cut I made $.90 but it's a start!  I'm also not looking at this as a source of real income lol.  It's for fun and a way to unleash my inner teacher!

As a celebration of my first sale, here's a FREEBIE!  I would like to institute a "Freebie Friday" but I have to see if I have enough in my bag of tricks!  Today's FREEBIE is a printable die sheet.  Super lame right?  WRONG!  I can't tell you how many times this came in handy!  I usually print this on cardstock, laminate, cut out, and tape together.  You can write whatever you want on them.  Students losing them?  Who cares!  They are so easy to make and remake!  Click the image to download.  Enjoy!

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