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Friday, August 30, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training: Day 27348757

Okay so it's not REALLY day 27348757 but it feels like it!  I truly intended on blogging every day/night but there's just a lot going on right now!  Overall, he's doing great with his potty training!  No diaper in 8 days (minus one night but I will tell you why)!  I'm very proud of him because I know if this is hard on me then it must be ten times harder on him.

Last weekend was tough.  I had already had a system in place for two days.  Daddy only really sees him for a short time during the week so when Saturday came around the system changed.  Don't get me wrong here.  Daddy is amazing.  He is on board and working hard on this potty train!  With that said, he doesn't know EXACTLY what my son was expecting.  That meant there was resistance and screaming on my son's part.  But we're plugging along!

On Saturday while they were waiting in the car for me he actually told my husband he needed to go.  When I came out from the store he was sitting on the potty in the trunk!  So proud!  He's also doing well with pee pee during the day and naptime.  After a few days he got angry with the timer and being told to go so much.  I backed off and was worried everything would go down hill.  He tells me when he needs to go or will go when I do eventually ask him.  He only goes a few times a day, like an adult.  I will worry when he's not going at all!

Poop is a whole different story.  He keeps going in his pants.  He actually held it in for 3 days.  Then he did two big ones in his big boy pants.  This time he looked mortified so that's good!  That same night, he was sitting on the potty while I was cleaning out his underwear.  He came running out looking terrified saying he had to go pee pee.  I put him back on the potty and O...M...G.  Diarrhea.  Lots of it.  Let me tell you someone was DEFINITELY watching out for me then!  He looked so scared but we cheered him up by being super excited about poop on the potty!  I think it goes without saying that this was the one night I did put a diaper on him lol.  I'm sure you would have too!

Nights are tough lately still.  He's still wetting the bed.  That's making me debate whether or not I should put a diaper on at night.  I really don't want to go back but he just might not be able to hold it for that long.  Besides that, he's delaying bedtime for like TWO HOURS with all the "I need to go potty!" excuses.  Of course you can't say no, especially when he sounds scared and says he's going to have an accident.  Between that and my three month old there's no sleeping for this mommy.>

Outings are actually great!  That's what I was really scared of!  I took him for his first dentist appointment the other day and he went potty there three times!  Today he went at the car place.  He doesn't fight when you ask him while we're out.  I guess that's good!

Overall, I'm super proud of my munchkin and I want to cover him with kisses!  I will be posting pics soon of my car potty kit, travel potty kit, and the organization of potty stuff in our bathroom (can you say awesome less than a dollar neon crates from Walmart?)

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