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Monday, September 23, 2013

Surviving Your First Week Back to Work After Baby #2...Whew!

Uh oh. I've been a bad, bad blogger.  Apologies for not updating in a week.  And missing Freebie Friday...again lol.  It's been a big adjustment around here.  Really big.  I'm having a hard time juggling it all again and work isn't even stressful (yet). I know it's going to take some time but it's so hard!  Thank god for Grammy.  My mom is amazing.  She watches the boys 6 hours a day.  If it weren't for her, chaos would ensue in my house!  She not only watches my boys but I also come home to clean dishes and clothes!  I am so very blessed.  My husband is wonderful as well.  He's a big help with the boys!

I really miss my boys while I'm gone.  After my oldest was born, I was home with him for 5 months.  I then started my usual summer job which was right near my mother.  So close that she would even bring him to me to nurse!  AMAZING!  I didn't have as hard of a time with the feeding adjustment with him because he would also get a bottle of formula after he nursed.  I never seemed to satisfy him so it's just what we had to do.  When my summer job ended the end of that August, I was jobless until Thanksgiving.  That was 3 more months with my oldest.  I was so lucky!  This time around is so different.  My baby is almost 4 months and had been exclusively nursing.  I was really heartbroken to introduce formula and to be away from him for so long.  I have never been one to get a lot when I pumped. I tried but my body doesn't seem to respond the same to a pump as it does my own sweet baby.  We introduced him to formula I believe in August knowing that I needed to prepare him for when I went back to work.  He drank it then stopped one day.  Turned out he decided it needed to be warmer than what we were giving him lol.  We were just glad that was the problem!  Now he only gets formula when my mom has him (2-3 bottles during the work week).  Once in awhile he will get it on the weekend should I be away from him.

My second largest problem is cleaning.  I like things to be clean.  I wish things could be NEATER in my house but I will settle for clean.  Unfortunately, there's not enough time in the day for me to stay on top of things like I did before.  I'm so mad at myself for not doing one more big clean before I started work so things would be a little easier to keep up with.  Grrr.  I plan on doing that this weekend!

Overall, I had a good first week back and have learned a lot.  Let me share with you some pointers to have a successful first week back!

*TRY to get all your ducks in a row.  I know that's a lot harder than it sounds, trust me!  Try to do what I didn't do!  Give your house a good cleaning before you go back.  If you can, get yourself and your family in the habit of picking up and pitching in BEFORE you go back.  I'm totally still working on that one lol.

*Do something for yourself!  You should always take time for yourself but try to pick one more thing to do for you before you go back.  Mine was clothes shopping BY MYSELF!
*Do one more thing with your kiddies.  My mom and I took the boys to the aquarium.  My dad bought us a membership so we can just go whenever!  It's great!  We made it there one more time and it was so much fun!
*Accept and welcome help.  I have a hard time with this.  I think it's because I have a routine down and know what should be done, how it should be done, etc.  I take that out on my poor hubby the most.

*Plan your meals!  I haven't posted this yet but this summer I adopted a food planning "system".  It's nothing crazy but I bought a calendar whiteboard for like $3 at Target.  I plan our meals for the week or more.  I do it so I don't forget to take things out of the freezer, have to run to the store a million times, or be at a loss for what to make.  It's really great.  Like I said, nothing crazy.  Just a little something to keep the train on the track!  I also try to think of things that will last as the following nights meal as well (meatloaf, ziti, etc).  Please don't be afraid to do EASY meals like pizza bagels!  Easy to make and fun!  
*Talk with other mommy friends. Venting helps.  Feel free to vent here too!
*Breath.  No really, BREATH.  I need help with that one too.  Definitely easier said than done.
*Remember, it will all work out.  It really will.  Maybe not exactly the way you envisioned it in your mind but it will!

I really hope my posts can help even just one of you!

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