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Thursday, September 12, 2013


I've been trying to create some cookie sheet activities for Grammy to do with my oldest while I'm at work (that's right I got a job!  Happy the search is over for now BUT I do greatly love being home and wish the government would pay me to stay home and raise amazing children lol).  We tried out our first one today which is called "Build-a-Shape."  I went to Walmart and purchased a cookie sheet for a whopping 97 cents lol.  I also bought regular sized (4.5in) and small size (2.5in) popsicle sticks.  I still have to buy a laminator and magnetic strips (everything kept slipping on the tray especially with toddler fingers at work). I created printables of different shapes.  I tried my best to size them so the sides would fit one of the two popsicle stick choices.  This is important so that he could build them correctly and get the sides right.  Here's what we did today:

 He did a great job!  I must say that he's quite smart when it comes to his shapes.  He's known them for probably close to a year now (Grammy has been so amazing with teaching him things).  He was able to tell me the name of the shape and then we would count the sides together.  I need to put magnetic strips on everything because he was getting frustrated with them not staying in place.  We only a did a few because he has the attention span of a gnat today and isn't having a very happy day :(  We also did my "Rainbow Chip Cookie" activity.  He really enjoyed that one, mostly because of the colorful pom-poms involved!  I will post more on that tomorrow.  Click on either of the above images to go to my TPT store for this activity!

I'm looking forward to either doing a one stop trip to Target or hitting the Christmas Tree Shop and craft store tomorrow.  I've been inspired to make more sensory bins.  We have one with beans and trucks.  I have lots to post on and so little time!  Work starts Monday.  Not 100% sure but I believe I'm working with 4th and 5th graders on Reading so I will be expanding my ideas and activities!  Enjoy your  night!

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