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Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Impromptu Lesson

I mentioned on Friday that I did an impromptu activity with my Kindergartners using Dot Markers.  I had been meaning to actually create this activity on the computer but with my two little ones, it's hard!  I finally just drew (very poorly I might add) a bubble gum machine with gumballs inside.  

Each student (I have 5) and myself had a sheet with different uppercase and lowercase letters.  I would then choose an uppercase or lowercase letter card (ones I already had laying around).  If you had it you got to dot it with your special marker.  Well, they were just beside themselves lol.  They LOVED this activity and my poor drawing skills.  They were so unbelievably excited to be using the Dot Markers!  So was I!

 Even my one little friend, who tends to give me a run for my money, sat and actively participated.  My favorite part was how well they were doing telling me what letter it was and if it was uppercase and lowercase.  It was good to see that they are slowly but surely getting it.  Now if they could just do it when I formally assess them!  Perhaps all formal assessments should use Dot Markers?  ;)  If only it were that easy!  Anywho, I'm working on making this a nice printable.  Hopefully it will be done this weekend!

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