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Friday, October 18, 2013

Letter Names

My kindergarten cuties are having a tough time with letter names.  I came across this problem at my previous job as well.  They can tell me some letter names, but none of the 5 can tell me each letter.  My favorite is that they can write their name but can't tell me how to spell it!  We have a lot of letter work ahead of us.  To help them with this I created a cute matching activity.  It will help them to match uppercase and lowercase letters.  This can be done in a small group, center, or independently.  We will be doing this in our small group so that we can discuss the names and sounds as well.  The images are acorns.  The top half is the lowercase letter and the bottom half is the uppercase letter.  I will try to post pics of them using it soon!  If you are interested in this activity just click on one of the images below.  It will lead you to my TPT store!

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