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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleep Sacks

As many of you know, there hasn't been much sleep happening in my house lately.  My husband and I are lucky if we get 3 hours straight with a total of MAYBE 4 hours of sleep.  Our 4 month old hasn't been a great sleeper and my toddler stopped sleeping when we brought the baby home (he had also gone to the hospital himself for a few days).  Our baby has especially hated that we switched him to his crib instead of his snug as a bug bassinet.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED this thing and so did both of my babies.  But alas, babies grow and well, furniture doesn't.  He was NOT happy about this transition.  Not one little bit.  On top of the rough time we were already having, things just got worse.  My husband and I never see each other.  By the time he gets home it's bedtime for the kids.  That could take hours.  Then one or both of us is falling asleep with one of them.  It's sad.  But...there's a glimmer of hope. I bought one of these babies.

I used to laugh at these.  I thought they were ridiculous.  I still think they're kind of funny.  However, I was desperate.  Our baby is in our room.  We hate it.  But we didn't have a choice.  His crib is in our room until he learns to sleep better.  Then his little baby booty is off to his brother's room (this is all being reconsidered because we feel big brother's not sleeping anyways and might actually sleep if he has a buddy).  Our room is FREEZING COLD.  Little one would be very cold when I would pick him up during the night. I'm thinking this is PART of the reason why he's so miserable.  So I bought a nice fleece one.  I don't swaddle his arms in but you still wrap the part around his chest.  He's so warm and fuzzy at night I almost don't want to put him down (ALMOST haha).  

Friday night we decided he would have to "cry it out."  It sucked.  I hate it.  But it worked wonders for my oldest.  Well this one hates it.  He cried 45 minutes but actually fell back asleep.  Then he slept amazing!!!!  The next night we had the sack and it happened again!  AND AGAIN LAST NIGHT!  I'm probably jinxing myself lol.  But that's okay.  At least I know it's possible.  I really don't have much advice for those of you going through this extremely tough phase.  Just know that you're not alone.  And guess what, it does suck.  And it's okay to cry about it.  I just had my glimmer of hope and I'm sure yours will come soon! 

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