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Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday (Linky Party) 11/1

Whoa!  November already! Crazy!  Let's start it off by linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their great linky party!


On Saturday, we took advantage of the membership my dad bought us to our local aquarium.  They were encouraging folks to come dressed up and meet Spiderman.  Since my son LOVES their meerkats and is a meerkat for Halloween, we had to go!  Here's my meerkat watching the fish.

My second graders finished up with Reading A-Z Initial and Final S blend lesson.  They did really well with it. I'm excited to see that it was a good idea to break away from the LLI kit for a bit to focus more on decoding.  Wrapping up R blends soon then heading back to LLI to see how it goes!
Took some time to do some much needed catching up/organizing of all my copies, things I've laminated and needed to be cut, grading, etc.  It's amazing how everything piles up!  Not enough storage in my cubicle for this madness!

Happy to see my wordhouse is doing well!  The kids are responding very well to it.  They are so excited to participate!

Trick-or-Treat?  Hopefully you picked treat because this is the stash we gave out!  Our neighborhood is quite a happening place since we have a couple of "haunted houses" in people's yards.  It goes fast!

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