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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Torn Mama

Ugh. I hate not blogging. I really do. I have been so focused on my kids and my new found love of working out/eating healthy that this has gone south. Not that I don't think about it because I do. A lot. I have so many fabulous ideas in my head and written down. There is just zero time to physically sit at the computer and work on it.

Last night, I sat down to get five minutes in. As soon as I turned on the computer my 4 1/2 year old was next to me insisting him playing in Lego land was seriously more important than anything I had to do.  I decided I needed to have a chat with him because this summer I really want to dedicate at least 30 mins during the day to my blog and TPT stuff. After all, this is a business and I really want it to grow. He got mad and left me when I tried to explain to him that all the fun things he wants to do cost money and that mommy needs to do work on the computer to earn it. I felt defeated after that conversation. However, this morning I was running early (shocking lol) so I turned the computer on. Sure enough he came over and asked if I was working because he reallyyyyy needed to go on. I told him I was setting it up so when I was done showering, I could work. He nodded and said if it was so we could do fun things this summer. I said yes and smiled. He then asked if he could play while I was showering. I agreed and he was great about getting off when I was done. 

The mom guilt kicks in a lot for me. I feel like I should be grateful that I even get to squeeze in 30 minutes in the morning to work out. How dare I ask for 30 more minutes. I know that sounds ridiculous but that is how my mom brain thinks!  And then if I do get that time I see them playing and feel super guilty that I'm not playing with them. I feel that way when I get home from work and try to straighten up and make dinner. I think all of us mommies struggle with that!  Anywho, I love my little nuggets and I know to be the best mommy I can be I need to keep healthy and take time to do work I love!  Look for tomorrow's post on my awesome new behavior management packet!

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