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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Construction Birthday Cake

I am sooo late on blogging about this seeing as my son's 4th birthday was in JANUARY.  I uploaded the pics to the computer kind of late.  Then I forgot about them.  Okay so it was mostly the latter part of that lol.  Well here it is!  It was inspired by this pin.

Let me just say that this was the world's easiest cake to make AND it was the cake that I have received the most compliments on!  All I did was bake 2 rectangular chocolate cakes.  I put one one on the bottom, took a piece of the corner off, then frosted it.  I then took about 2/3 of the second one and placed it on top of the first.  I frosted everything but the open part.  I then took part of the leftover 1/3 on top of the 2/3.  Again, I frosted everything but the open part.  My FAVORITE PART about this cake was if something just added more flair to the cake!  I stuck the little plastic construction vehicles all over it, put some chocolate chips in the dump trucks, and placed brownies around it.  It was awesome and delicious.  Once we started to cut the cake it did start to fall over but it didn't matter because we were eating it anyways!

I think what everyone enjoyed was the fact that it was so messy and not at all perfect.  In fact, if this looked perfect and clean I personally think it would lose it's special touch.  This one is going to be hard to top (and was when you see my post on my youngest's pathetic Paw Patrol cake I will post about soon).  The birthday boy most definitely approved!  Don't you just love the cheap construction hats I found in the dollar section of Target?!

I hope this gives you some ideas!  Enjoy!

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