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Friday, June 19, 2015

School's OUT!

Wahoo!  We made it!  Today was my last day.  It was also my 4 year old's last day.  We are all SUPER EXCITED for summer!  Once we get through his surgery (tubes and adnoid removal) then we can really get the party started!  I want to take it easy like we did last summer.  I'm really only planning on him taking swim lessons and us relaxing the rest of the time.  I want to get season passes to our local small amusement park that has a tiny beach and waterpark.  It was AWESOME to have that 15 minutes from my house.  The boys loved it.  What are you looking forward to this summer?  I'm going to head back outside with the boys now but before I do, let me leave you with my son smelling the gorgeous flowers outside his school this morning.  Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers this summer!

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