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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Lovin...

I hope everyone's enjoying their summer as much as I am!  I'm home with my two favorite little boys and couldn't ask for anything more!  Although the transition from working to stay at home summer mommy can be tricky, ultimately I adore it.  I wish I could be home all the time.  I'm more relaxed, my kids are more relaxed, my house is clean, and dinners are cooked more frequently.  Heck, I even planted flowers outside and am sprucing up our little outdoor areas!  Pinterest has also been inspiring me so stay tuned for the backyard rock quarry/gravel pit/town I'm making for the boys!

So far, my summer loves and I have gone strawberry picking.  We lasted 5 minutes because it was soooo hot!

Attended the kick-off of the summer reading club at the library.  I actually worked there for 5 summers and helped run it.  It's cool to go back with my own kiddies!  Here's my oldest getting a bubble haircut!

Our biggest thing so far was going to NYC!  We took my oldest when he was about 18 months old.  Now he's 3 1/2 and my little one just turned 1.  It was a blast but a LOT of work with the two of them!  My husband said he'll pass on doing that again any time soon but my oldest wants to go again.  Mommy has no problem going again :)  I've gone into the city a million times but I was definitely appalled by the number of people dressed up as kid characters (Disney, Sesame Street) in Times Square.  There are tonssss of them and they immediately run up to your kid.  They try to get your child all hyped up to take a pic with them then expect you to pay them for doing so.  My husband yelled at them to stay away.  It's just wrong.  Also, no joke, every couple feet the tour bus people are trying to get you to ride.  NYC it's time for you to fix this.  This isn't the NY I love!  PS...don't touch my kid.


With all of that said, I've also been making some new, exciting things!  My most popular products seem to be my Diphthong, R-Controlled, and Vowel Digraph packets.  I'm making even more resources for those topics.  My new Vowel Digraph packet will be posted tomorrow!

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