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Friday, June 6, 2014

It's been awhile...FIVE FOR FRIDAY

Wow my sincere apologies folks.  I've kind of backed off the blogging world for a bit to focus on my family.  My little boys have become quite demanding of mommy's attention.  With that said, I have still been working on things!  Not as much as I'd like but they're there!  Thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this linky party!


My little booger turned 1!  Okay so it was last week but still!  Check out this AWESOME and EASY jungle cake!  I'm totally serious when I tell you how easy this was.  Easier than the Minnie  Mouse cake I made and DEFINITELY easier than that Thomas cake!  I found it on Pinterest.  I'm trying to post the link here but it's just the photo on Pinterest and no one to credit for it!
Our school participated in "One School, One Book" and read "The World According to Humphrey."  We had a "Humphrey" donated to us by a local pet store.  Humphrey came home with me Memorial Day weekend.  My son loved it!  Today, Humphrey headed to his forever home with a nice Kindergarten boy who did all his Humphrey work and will provide him with a safe and loving home.  Is it weird that saying goodbye to the little guy was sad? 


My 4th graders did a fun syllable sort with some tricky words today.  They loved it!  I then had them each pick a word to place in our word house.  Another thing they can't get enough of!  It was called "Exploring Multisyllable Words" and you can find it here from TPT.

My Kindergarten friends have been hard at work with Magic "e".  I made these simple Magic "e" wands that they loved using to turn CVC words into CVCe words.  I love being able to just pull out a whiteboard and the wands and be ready to go!  Easy set up and clean up!

Happy birthday to my amazing mommy!  Without her my life would be insane and wouldn't be as wonderful as it is today.  Thank you for always supporting me and loving me!

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