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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The lure of Target...

The only appropriate way to start off this post is this:


Seriously.  It must be written somewhere!  Of course I fell into the trap where I was just running there for one thing!  It took me awhile while writing this to even think of what I went in for!  I went in to see if I could find a bathing suit when those sneaky dollar shelves called me over.  I didn't go to my usual Target since I was at my mom's so maybe that's why I hit the jackpot.  Since I didn't have the kids (wahoo) I decided to take a peek and see if I could find any cute things for the gravel pit/construction site area we are building outside for the boys. Instead of the usual "eh" stuff my Target has, this one was stocked with classroom stuff!  Yippie!  The first thing that caught my eye were the magnetic letters.

I've been wanting magnetic letters forever but could never get myself to fork over the money for one of those nice box sets, nor have I found things I liked enough to make my own.  Well these looked good!  I bought 7 packs of uppercase and 7 of lowercase.  I don't work with more than 6 in a group so 7 should be more than enough.  I plan on getting a plastic craft case to put them all in too.

As if that weren't enough, my eyes were next lured to the birthday stuff.  Last year, I was disappointed I didn't have something cute for my kids on their birthdays.  The crazy straws and bags came from the dollar store but the rest was a good find at Target.  Pencils, fun erasers, a birthday badge, and a bookmark :)  I think they will be happy!

As I dug around for birthday stuff I found MORE cute (and useful of course) things!  My favorite find was probably the badges that say things like "I was a good friend" and "I did the right thing."  I'm always looking for a way to praise these things.  I figured they'd be proud to wear the badge.  People will ask them what they did to earn it and they can share their good behavior and maybe inspire others.

Last, but not least, FOLDERS.  I found them in the actual back-to-school section after I walking around and promising myself NO MORE.  I couldn't pass it up because I color code my groups and last year was a struggle to find the colors I needed!  I grabbed a bunch in each color.  The lady ringing me out asked if I left any for anyone else lol.  What have you already picked up for the new school year?  I hope you're making some good finds!  And now, I leave you with this:


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