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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vowel Digraph Sweet Treats

Yay!  New product!  I told you  I would do it ;)  I'm quite proud of how fast I made this.  Introducing my Vowel Digraph Sweet Treats packet! 

This packet includes 33 pages of 4 fun, colorful, candy themed activities to help reinforce vowel digraphs/talkers.  The entire packet comes in black and white as well so it's completely up to you on how you want to print it!  I made them with the idea of using them for my small groups.  They would work great for small groups or for center activities.

For "Candy Jar Sort," students will pick a piece of candy with a picture on it.  They will say the picture and listen to which vowel digraph they hear.  They will then place the candy in the correct candy jar.  Answer sheet included for self checks!

I know my students will LOVE "Read It, Spell It, Eat It!"  This is the one activity I intended on really participating in.  Teacher will pick a word card (if you feel your students could take turns reading this then go for it!).  The teacher will read the word aloud.   Students will write the word on their card.  You can either make it so they have to spell the whole word correctly or just get the vowel digraph they HEAR (ie:  either ay/ai) correct.  If they get it right, they move their piece up one space on the game board.  First person to "eat" their candy (get it up to the mouth) wins!

Now for Goody, Goody, Gumdrops!  Students will go through each picture card and use the gumdrop letters to spell out the word.  Simple but fun activity!

"Lollipop Mix-Up" is another one I know my kiddies will love!  Students will lay out the kid cards and see what picture each kid is holding.  They will then take turns picking a lollipop and reading the word.  After they read they word, they must match it to the picture that has the same vowel digraph.  This involves also knowing which spelling is correct as well so it might be best to save this one last :)

 I'm also feeling generous and want to give one away!   Anyone who comments on how they would use this product with their students will be entered to win it!  Giveaway ends Friday, July 11, 2014 at 11:59PM EST.  Good luck!

I hope this product meets your needs!  My Vowel Digraphs/Talkers:  Posters, Activities, and Worksheets packet is one of my more popular items so I'm trying to provide more for you!  I'm also working on a "NO PREP Vowel Digraphs Packet" for myself and for you!   

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