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Monday, July 14, 2014

NO PREP Vowel Digraphs Packet

I was dying to get this finished so...I did!  Here's my NO PREP Vowel Digraphs Packet!  I really like this because it doesn't require laminating, cutting, etc.  As much as I love that, it gets old and time is precious!

There are 24 black and white worksheets included. They are:
  • What Sounds Like Me? (AI)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (AE)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (EA)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (EE)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (IE)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (OA)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (OE)
  • What Sounds Like Me? (UE)
  • Fill in the Blank:  AI
  • Fill in the Blank:  AY
  • Fill in the Blank:  EA
  • Fill in the Blank:  EE
  • Fill in the Blank:  IE
  • Fill in the Blank:  OA
  • Fill in the Blank:  OE
  • Fill in the Blank:  UE
  • Match it Up:  Sheet 1
  • Match it Up:  Sheet 2
  • Word Scramble:  Sheet 1
  • Word Scramble:  Sheet 2
  • Sort it Out:  AI/AY
  • Sort it Out:  EA/EE
  • Sort it Out:  OA/OE
  • The Missing Piece

There are 6 different types of worksheets.  The first is "What Sounds Like Me?"  This activity quickly reminds students of a particular digraph and it's sound.  It provides an example and asks students to color in all of the pictures that say the same sound as the example.
The second activity is "Fill in the Blank."  There's one for each digraph.  Students are provided with a word bank.  They must then read each sentence and decide which word from the word bank goes in it.
My third activity is called "Match it Up" and asks students to look at each picture and decide which vowel digraph they hear.  Then, they may need to think about how that vowel digraph is spelled as well.  Once they think the know what it is, they can cut it out from  the bottom and glue it next to the picture.
For the fourth activity, "Word Scramble," students must try and unscramble each word.  They must keep in mind that each word will have a vowel digraph.
 The fifth activity is called "Sort it Out."  Each sheet focuses on a vowel digraph that can be spelled two different ways.  Students must look at each picture and decide which way the digraph in the word is spelled.  There is also a "neither" column if they don't even hear the given digraphs.  Students will glue each picture into the correct column.

The final activity is "The Missing Piece."  Students will look at each word and choose the vowel digraph that is missing.  They will then glue the correct vowel digraph to complete the word.
I hope this can meet your needs!  I know it will mine!  Now that it took me 2 days to complete this post I must go control my children...haha!

(Graphics by Pink Cat Studio)

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