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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wishing I Could Do More...Bringing the Jellies to the Kids

I'd like to start this post by saying my 5 fourth graders are so sweet. They try so hard. They really, really do. They are always excited to be reading and working with me. We have recently been working on "You're a Jellyfish!" from Reading A-Z.  The text is a bit difficult for them, but the interest level is perfect.  They loved it!

They were asking me SO many questions about jellyfish!  Unfortunately, my time is very limited with them (40 mins a day) and my job is to provide specific instruction.  In other words, I can't dive much deeper into the story than we already were (ugh so frustrating when they're so eager to learn!).  During our first day, I mentioned to them that our local aquarium just emailed me to let me know that you can now touch a jellyfish there!  I showed them the message I received and the two or so photos provided.  WOW were they excited!  They immediately asked if we could go.  Sadly, that's just not possible.  I told them that I was taking my son there soon and would take as many pictures and video as I could.  When I told my husband about this, I also told him I wish I could take them.  I would SO take them!  It broke my heart to see how excited they were and that there wasn't much more I can do than what I already promised.

As promised, I took photos and video of my son with the jellies.  I TRULY hope my son reflects on his childhood when he gets older and realizes how lucky he was.  I may not be able to do a whole lot for my kids in terms of taking them a million places, but I need to remember (and I hope they do too) that there are many children who don't get to do the things he does get to do.

Since this is their new exhibit, the gift shop had sooo many cool jellyfish stuff!  I bought my son a stuffed one and seriously had to stop myself from buying them for my 5 students!  What I could do was buy them these cute pencils.  I also purchased a book so that they can peek at some more colorful photos of jellies.  I plan on my son using the book after this so it justified things a bit more financially lol.

 I meant to go and print off some pictures for them (still might) but numerous Sunday errands got in my way.  So for now, I made this.  I figure it would give them some pics and have them jot down what they've learned as well.  Plus it'd be cute to hang up for a bit before having them take it home!  Thinking of making a basic fact sheet as a freebie for you guys :)

Can someone explain to me why I feel so guilty that they don't get to go and they're not even my children?  I guess, as a teacher, they still feel like my children and I still want them to have amazing experiences.  If you can't bring the kids to the jellies, bring the jellies to the kids!  I hope I did that and can put a smile on their faces :)

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