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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CVC Activities

Sorry everyone! If you're still there! As I briefly mentioned in my last post from forever ago, there had been a lot going on here at home. Hopefully you haven't left me!  I have a surprise for you that I will get to in a minute :)

First off, I'd like to share that my not so little boy is turning 3 on Saturday!  Madness!  I can't believe he'll be 3.  Mostly because he acts like he's 5 compared to other 3 year olds I know haha.  Second, DRA and AIMS Web testing has begun and our Reading Lab is going to get nuts!  Happy news with that is one of my low students has moved up 2 DRA levels and will be tested even higher.  So proud! Now, onto what you really came here for.

I may not have been blogging, but, I have been creating many, many things! Here's the first.  You can click here to purchase it from TPT or read on to find out how to get it for free!

I created this specifically with my Kindergarteners in mind.  We were given copies of "Say it, Move it" mats but I wanted to spruce things up and make it just a taddd bit more exciting.  First thing I did was to make a long list of CVC words that I could easily find clip art for.  I then created cards for each word.  One side has the picture and the other has the word.

Each student (I have 5) gets their own "Say it, Move it, Write it" mat, a dry erase marker, and of course bingo chips (or something small to move).  I will show them a picture on a card.  They will say the word then move each chip saying each sound they heard.  

The first time I did this, I just did this part.  I wanted to see how they would do.  They did great so the next time we did the activity we added the writing part.  They love writing with the markers so they really enjoyed it.  They also did very well!  I wanted to take this even further so I created card sets for missing beginning, middle, and end sounds using those words. 

 This is a great tool to laminate and have on hand.  I have several things like this.  It's great to be able to pull out cards if I'm in need of an extra few minutes or working one-on-one with a student. I have these cards planned for Friday. I'll let you know how they worked out!  In the mean time, in honor of my big boy turning 3, I will be giving this product away to 1 lucky follower!  Comment below on how you would use this in your classroom.  1 winner will be picked randomly.  Please leave an email as well!  Contest closes by 5PM Eastern on Sunday, January 12, 2014.  The winner will be announced either that night or the following day.  With that said, I'm off to bed.  The coffee I got last night wasn't decaf like I had ordered so I didn't sleep!  Ah!

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