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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Say It, Move It, Write It

I posted about my CVC Word Activities last week.  It's one of my favorites.  I love that students have to identify each sound and be able to tell me where that sound is (beg, middle, end).  Their favorite part, of course, is using the markers to write the word!  I like this part because it allows me to see who needs more practice with writing neatly on the lines.  I really want my students to start NOW with writing letters correctly and neat.  Getting them in the habit now will hopefully help down the road.  Click on the pic below to find it at my TPT store!

Here are some pics from our activity yesterday!  I've been storing the cards in a mini pocket chart to keep track of which ones we have done.  We don't get to do all of them in one sitting so I want to make sure we aren't repeating the same ones over and over!

I'm looking forward to using the wipe off cards from the packet as well.  They are great tools!  I have other ones and I like to either do them all together or pass them out while I'm doing running records :)

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