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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vowel Digraphs/Talkers Activities Packet

Oh  my goodness!  How on Earth could I forget to share this amazing packet I created!  If you are looking for some fantastic Vowel Digraph/Talkers posters, games, and worksheets (I was!) then look no further!  It all started with my Diphthong Cuties that you may recall from a previous post.  I took that idea and RAN!  I have since created Vowel Digraph Cuties, revamped my Diphthong Cuties, and I am almost finished with my R-Controlled Cuties!  I couldn't be happier with the result (I lied I totally wish I created some nonsense word versions of the activities and still might).  Best of all, my students LOVE IT!  They (especially the activities) really help reinforce the concept to my students.  Having the Cuties posted under their spot in the Word House also provide a great reference point for those who are struggling.  

Here's what's included:

*Features AI, AY, EA, EE, OA, OE, UE, UI
*My Vowel Digraph Cuties graphics created to help students get a visual of what the sound each “talker” makes
*Vowel Digraphs “Talkers” mini posters     
*Pocket chart sorting activity
*Spin and Read game
*Memory game
*Worksheets (Missing Vowel Digraphs and 3 levels of Fill in the Blank)

Want a better look at the Cuties?  Here's the best view I can give without actually giving them away!

 My second graders' favorite activity is the "Spin and Read."  They could have played it over and over!  They were so proud of themselves when they were able to decode a word they had some trouble with.  I loved seeing them become more confident with their decoding skills!  Here's a peek at what we played:

Students must spin the spinner to see which Vowel Digraph card the will be reading off of.  They will then read the next available word on the card.  If they get it right, I cross it off and give them a bingo chip.  If they get it wrong, I don't disclose the pronunciation and leave the word.  As with all games we play, I allow them one "save."  That pretty much means I will help them as best as I can without actually giving them the answer.  I use this as a teaching moment.  In this case, I would use it as an opportunity to remind them of some of their decoding skills.  After that, they're on their own lol.  I also do it because there are some students in my groups who definitely need the extra hand.  I don't want them to get extremely discouraged when their peers are breezing through.  I try to remind my students that they're really playing against themselves, not each other.  Their goal should be to do better than what they did the time before (we often do games twice).  They actually really love that challenge!  And we all know they never forget how they did during a game...even if they haven't played in awhile!

Please head over to my TPT store to pick up your own copy of Vowel Digraph Cuties! I'm sure you won't be disappointed! And if you are...well...haha just let me know why ;) Don't forget to keep stopping by because I will be posting my Diphthong Cuties packet soon. Hopefully my R-Controlled Cuties won't be too far behind! Enjoy!

P.S.  Any thoughts on me adding a nonsense word version of this game to the packet?  I'm thinking it would be great to play after they play the regular version and get the hang of it.  I think it'd be a good informal assessment as well.  I'm feeling generous too so one of you lucky folks who voice their opinion just may find yourselves with a free packet ;)


  1. I just bought this packet and I am eager to use it tomorrow with my students. I am a resource teacher so this packet will be very helpful. I am interested in the nonsense version as well. Do you have that packet done as well? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your inquiry and for purchasing this product! To be honest, I got so sidetracked with other great ideas I totally forgot I was making a nonsense word version! I have now updated the file on TPT to include this version. If you head over there, you should have some message about me revising the file. Please let me know if you have any difficulties with that. Thank you for reminding me about that! I can't wait to hear how it is working in your groups!


  2. I really like this game! I haven't tried it with my first graders yet but I think this would be a GREAT game for later in the year after we have covered these sounds a little more. I think I have a few ready now so I might get it ready to help differentiate my review activities! Thanks for creating and sharing!
    As for the nonsense words, I'm not sure how that would be set up. I guess I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it! :)