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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pirate Alphabet Treasure Hunt

Hey everyone!  Happy hump day!  My boys had super fun playing with their cousin today.  They didn't want to stop!  They had fun playing with one of my latest products that I created with them in mind.  My Pirate Alphabet Treasure Hunt is a great letter recognition activity to help our little friends.

I found this great jewel clip art from ZisforZebra's store.  It was the perfect thing to be my treasure!  I also picked up Ashley Hughes' super cute pirate clip art.  I plan on using it to it's fullest when I make my Bossy R activities.  Oh and did I mention I bought this (and so much more clip art) during the awesome back to school TPT sale?  Yay!

This activity has 4 treasure chests.  26 uppercase letters are split amongst 2 chests and 26 lowercase letters are also split amongst 2 chests.  The jewels come in uppercase and lowercase.  You decide how to play.  For today, my son and niece worked with uppercase on everything.  I buried the jewels in the sandbox.  They dug them up, told me the letters they found and placed them in a clean bucket.  Sadly, they didn't make it to the part where they put the jewels in the treasure chest because my little one decided the jewels needed to go in the water table.  *sigh* What a waste of ink and laminating paper!

Oh well. They still had fun!  I intend on using this with my Kindergarteners when school starts up.  I will probably use a small bin of sand or rice that can sit on my table but be easily stored.  I know they will love it!  Please check out my store...I've added some freebies!  I will be posting more on them tomorrow.!

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