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Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter, Number, & Clip Art Freebies!

Freebies!  Wahoo!  Gotta love them!  I know I haven't posted freebies lately and I apologizes.  Most of the things I work on are big projects that take quiet awhile.  The following two things I created to use with my 3 1/2 year old and wanted to share with everyone as well!

The first I want to introduce you to are my Alphabet Trace Cards.  Thanks to Educasong I purchased a really great Alphabet Pictures Clip Art Mega Bundle.  I loved this clip art because it wasn't the sameeee alphabet pictures I was seeing everywhere!  I have them available in color and black & white...for FREE.  Did I mention that already ;)  Simply print, laminate, and cut down the middle.  You can either clip them together with a binder ring, put them in a folder, large zip lock bag, whatever works for you!  They make great centers or just extra practice!  There are two to a page so if you want to make them smaller just change your printer settings to whatever fits your needs.

Now onto my Number Trace Cards.  Thanks to Krista Wallden at Creative Clips I purchased a fabulous Zoo Animals clip art bundle.  I love it!  I plan on having a zoo theme in my area this year so I'm using them in my decor as well.  As with the Alphabet Trace Card these are available in color and black & white.  Same directions too, just print, laminate, and cut down the middle!
 My final freebie is a bundle of Chevron Backgrounds.  There are 9 different colors available in vertical and horizontal standard paper size.  All files are PNG.  I like using them in my products so I thought I'd share them with you as well!  Keep your eye out for more clip art coming your way!  Right now it's nothing too fancy (I'm working on it but my boys don't let me have a long enough chunk of time at the computer haha) but they will definitely be a great addition to your product!  I will try to keep most backgrounds/borders/frames free.  I hope it helps you get started with your own products!
 I hope these freebies will be a great use to you.  I really enjoy making products and I know that a lot of you are on tight budgets!  If you enjoy my freebies, please think about purchasing some of my other great products!  Poke around my blog too see samples of them!  Also, I'm always open to suggestions.  I make a lot of things based on my needs but if any of you have ideas...please let me know!  As always, ENJOY!  I'm off to the amusement park for some fun in the sun!  Yay season passes!


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