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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Clip Art Freebie Galore!

Freebies, freebies, freebies!  I'm pretty sure TPT will be yelling at me soon for the amount of freebies I keep posting lol.  It's nothing too fancy yet.  I've posted several backgrounds, borders, and small frames.  I have a huge desire to make my own clip art and have been trying to do so for a year now.  I've tinkered with it but ultimately, my children make it impossible to really sit and play around with things!  I've been self-taught in a lot of tech things since high school.  I can figure things out IF I have time to play with it.  I've downloaded some free programs to play with.  I've just been using GIMP but I've recently downloaded Inkscape and I hope to have some play time with it soon!  

Until then, here are some simple but awesome freebies for you to enhance your products!
Some other things I'm working on in the clip art department are swirled backgrounds, a Halloween bundle (backgrounds, borders, and small frames), and polka dots!  I will try to keep most free but I may have the bundles listed for a very low price.  I am also working on a NO PREP Diphthongs packet as well as Diphthong Posters.

I'm going to be weeding through my store soon.  I will be getting rid of things that never sold and I probably made a long time ago.  If there's something you've been holding off buying, please do so soon!  If it disappears before you get a chance to purchase it just let me know.  I am now off for a day of lounging at my mother's pool with my aunt, cousins, and crazy boys!  I need to cherish these last few days of summer!

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