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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Five for Friday

Another busy week in our house!  NYC, aquarium, swim lessons, and more!  Thanks  Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting!

 Lots of fun in NYC again!  This time my oldest and I took my 15 year old cousin.  I have been taking her since she was little!  We had a ton of fun.  My son seriously loves going.  Probably because he likes getting toys...haha.  This time, we rode the big Ferris wheel in Toys R Us and then did this super fun trivia game at the Disney Store.  They gave everyone in the game this lanyard and the Planes:  Fire & Rescue button.  We had the Monsters University one from our visit a few weeks ago.  They also gave him Planes:  Fire & Rescue trading cards.  All of that was great but doesn't make up for the fact that the Planes vehicles we bought that day all broke within a day!     


My aunt's birthday was this week.  We all went to my mom's to swim and eat lunch.  She LOVES the beach.  She spent most of life being in the Cape for her birthday.  I wanted to capture that for her :)  It's not as "nicely" decorated because my son helped haha.  But that's okay!  The concept is still super cute.   


We headed to a big aquarium in our state for my aunt's birthday.  It's not the one we usually go to.  This is a larger one that's a bit farther.  I haven't been there since my oldest was 6 months old.  Unfortunately, he had an attitude all day but my little one loved it!  My favorite photo is the last one :)

We attended story time at our local library again.  They like it.  Probably because snacks are involved!

And finally, we wrapped up our Friday by celebrating the fact that my little one was actual home to nap in his crib!  I love the time it allows me to have with my oldest.  We picked up some fly swatters for a letter game.  I think I might have seen this somewhere on Pinterest.  I will have to find the link.  I wrote all the letters on the driveway.  I would call out one and he'd smack it with the fly swatter.  It was fun!

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