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Monday, August 4, 2014

Diphthong Moon Bounce

FINALLY!  You have no idea how long this took me.  It was seriously done but a couple pages were giving me issues when I was trying to extract it from Adobe to flatten everything.  Ugh!  And they were the simple pages!  Anywhoooo here it is!  My Diphthong Moon Bounce.

This packet includes 4 fun and colorful activities/games to reinforce diphthongs.  I created these to use in my small group settings.  3 of the games would be great to use for centers.  Read It, Spell It, Fly It was designed to be teacher led.  If you are like me and can't always print in color, NO WORRIES!  Every activity comes in black and white.  This allows you to easily print whenever you need to.  You could even do it on colored paper to jazz it up a bit.

Moon Landing Sort asks students to pick an astronaut card and say what the picture is.  They must then decide which diphthong they hear and place it on the correct moon.  Everything is based strictly on what they hear not the spelling of what they hear.

Read It, Spell It, Fly It is the activity I mentioned earlier and said it will be teacher run.  You can, of course, run it whichever way you feel works best for you and your students!  The students will choose a colored alien card and their color will be the same on the game board.  They teacher will then read a card to each student one at a time.  The students must write the word on their board.  You can either play it where they must spell it exactly right or that they need to at least get the diphthong they hear correct.  If it's right they get to move their piece up one space.  Whoever lands their flying saucer on their planet first is the winner!  My kids will love this!

 Star Light, Build it Right will make a great center.  Students will go through each picture card and build the word using the star tiles.  They can easily self check with the answer sheet.

 I KNOW my students are going to love working with these little aliens in Alien Mix-Up!  Students will lay out the planets and review each picture on them.  They must think of the diphthong they hear AND how it might be spelled.  They will then take turns picking aliens, reading the words, and placing them on the correct planet.

And now I'm tired haha.  Off to bed!  I should be posting my diphthong posters soon!

(Graphics by Pink Cat Studio)

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