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Friday, November 1, 2013

Pocket Chart Letters and Sounds

While browsing Amazon tonight in search of magnetic letters or letter tiles I noticed something. OMG are educational items massively overpriced! Ugh! With that in mind, I finally decided to make my own pocket chart letters and sounds (another thing I was looking at). 

Here's what I came up with: 

*3 of each lowercase consonant (blue) 
*3 of each lowercase vowel + y (red) 
*3 of each uppercase consonant (blue) 
*3 of each uppercase vowel + y (red) 
*1 of each l-blend bl,cl,fl,gl,pl (orange) 
*1 of each r-blend br,cr,dr,fr,gr,pr (pink) 
*1 of each s-blend sc,sk,sl,sm,sp,st,sw (aqua) 
*1 of each n-blend nd,ng,nk,nt (lime green) 
*1 of each digraph ch,sh,th,wh,ck (gray)
*1 of each bossy r ar,er,ir,or,ur (black) 
*1 of each talker ai,ay,ea,ee,ey,ie,oa,oe,ue,ui (green)
*1 of each whiner au,aw,ou,ow,oo,oi,oy (purple) 

 I'm super excited to start using these on Monday!  Of course, I need to go and buy more laminating pouches and probably more ink with the way I've been printing things!  Head to my TPT store to purchase this!  Happy Friday and keep checking back for more!

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