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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My 4th Grade Intervention Group

Hi friends!  I haven't had a non Five for Friday post in awhile!  Despite my failed attempts to blog, I am working on a lot of fun things!  I want to give you a peek into some of the things that I do with my groups.  I see K-5 daily so I will be telling you about one group, each day, for the next few days.

4th Grade
 We start our quick 40 minutes off with our weekly story/practice sheet from Lakeshore's Daily Comprehension Common Core Practice Journal Gr. 3-4.  They read a story on Monday and complete a quick activity for each day of the week based on that story.  Some of the things they must do is vocabulary, fact/opinion, true/false, comprehension question, etc.

Then we do our weekly phonics lesson based on another great intervention book.  This one is Everyday Phonics Intervention Activities from Newmark Learning.  My group really has a comprehension focus, but I do notice that they still have some phonics areas that need addressing.  This is a great way to slip this in for reinforcement.  Since I don't have a particular focus like some of my other groups (for example; Bossy R, Magic E, Vowel Digraphs) I am simply following it by week.  We will even put some of the given words into our Word House.  I've picked up some fun multisyllable activities from TPT that I look forward to sneaking in.

After both of those things, we move on to our story of the week(s).  We use Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Literacy Intervention Kits (LLI).  We only own up to the red kit which they call the 3rd grade kit.  This kit goes up to DRA 40, so the texts work for all the students we service.  Right now, we really use the kit for the texts.  The phonics lessons in them don't go with the story nor do they usually address what our students need at the time of reading that story.  We also don't prefer the comprehension aspect either.  Our students are in our room based on AIMS Web testing and DRA scores.  We use the DRA rubrics for retell, summary, and questioning for our groups.  My 4th graders just finished up summarizing "Girl With a Vision" using the DRA 40 summary sheet and responding to similar interpretation and reflection questions.

My 4th graders work very hard on their summaries.  Our problem lately is wanting to say EVERYTHING in the summary.  We've been trying to focus on only what's important which is so hard for them!

Before we know it, our time is up and I file their work away in the next day's folder. Our LLI stories take a week.  Once in awhile, we break away and use a Reading A-Z text like we are currently doing now.  I use the text the same way I use the LLI text.  Reading A-Z texts tend to take all my groups a lot longer than an LLI text.  I find the text more challenging and has a lot more to it hence the amount of time we spend on it!  

I completed all of my Short Vowel Decodable Text & Activities packets AND bundled them together!  I also bundled together the Consonant Digraph books.  Click HERE to pick up my Short Vowel Decodable Text & Activities bundle and HERE to pick up my Consonant Digraph Book Bundle.  Keep your eye out for a FANTASTIC consonant digraph unit I'm working on.  It's a combination of things that I do in my Short Vowel Decodable Text & Activities and with my Bossy R, Talkers, & Whiners packets.  You can thank stupid jury duty for me being able to plan out the unit!  Hey, I wasn't going to sit there for hours and do nothing! :)

Check back tomorrow for a peek into my 3rd grade group!

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