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Saturday, March 1, 2014

R-Controlled Vowels "Bossy R" Posters, Activities, & Worksheets

Wow!  I'm so impressed I actually got this done a week after the diphthongs packet!  Go me! :)  Here it is!  I've been hearing such great things about my other packets so I really hope this one can help out you guys as well!

Here is what's included:

*Features AR, ER, IR, OR, & UR R-Controlled Vowels Cuties graphics created to help students get a visual of what sound each “Bossy R” makes
*R-Controlled Vowels “Bossy R” mini posters
* Pocket chart sorting activity
*Spin and Read game
* Memory game
*Worksheets (Missing R-Controlled Vowels and 3 levels of Fill in the Blank)

My first graders are DYING to get to Bossy R!  It's all they're talking about!  I guess it didn't help that I told them I had a pirate sort that we would be doing when we got to it haha.  EVERYDAY my students refer to the cuties posters that I have placed under their correct word house spot.  I only have my Vowel Digraph and Diphthong cuties posters up but they are all so interested in them.  Even my little ones who haven't quite grasped those concepts yet are asking me questions and pointing out a word that has those vowel combinations together.  I love it!  I can't wait to see their excited little faces when I places these under our word house Monday!

I'm hoping to have my consonant digraph books and book bundle up in my TPT either later today or on Sunday.  Also, I am looking forward to share with you all the neat stuff I purchased during the big TPT sale.  

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