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Friday, August 23, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training: Day/Night #1

 We've been trying to do the whole potty train thing for awhile now but nothing seemed to be happening. My son and myself never really caught onto it. Well today, after his second, giant, mushy poop, I was done. He always hides when he goes but now he tells me and tells me he pees. Not only has he been doing his usual hiding the past two days but he also puts up a freaking barrier!  That's right. His dump is carefully premeditated signaling that he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!  My son decided to MOVE FURNITURE to block both sides of the dining room table so no one could get to him. My Mom was over and agreed with my decision. We marched off to the potty and put on underwear.

We went through several pairs of underwear. Each time he told me he went. But we also had lots of smiles and potty success. I didn't make a big deal about the accidents. 6PM rolled around and I needed to make a decision. Was I going to REALLY go cold turkey or put on a diaper for bedtime?  Much to my husband’s surprise I went with it. No diaper. While my husband put him to bed I ran out to Walmart. I bought 9 more pairs of underwear, 2 more sheets, and two extra mattress pad covers. While I was out I also purchased things to make on the go potty kits (this will be a separate post).  When I got home my husband was reading to my son. A few minutes later he came running out of his room in just his underwear (apparently didn't want his jammies, just underwear!)  he already peed in bed and my husband had to clean it up. I tried not to get discouraged because he was running around super happy that he went on the potty and was reciting all the steps to use the potty. He finally went to bed.

He woke up at midnight. This is typical behavior lately but because he was up I checked him and the bed. Of course he peed. Cleaning it up at midnight was not fun. Having him try to go on the potty at midnight was worse. He was half asleep and nasty. He wanted a diaper too. I stayed super positive and kept telling him I was proud and he was a big boy. I finally got him back in bed. He woke up again around 2:30 and went to sleep on the couch*. Again, normal lately. My husband got up to put him back to bed and to see if he went on the towels on the couch. He was fine. It's now 7 and I'm nursing our youngest in our room. I'm pretty sure he's on the couch again and I haven't assessed the damage from last night.

To be continued!

*Those of you envisioning a toddler going down a flight of stairs at night to sleep on the couch please don't fret. We live in a shoebox. There are no stairs and the living room is literally across from his bedroom!  All doors are locked and baby proofed along with all other dangerous things. 

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