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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Yay! Five for Friday!

Haven't done this in awhile!  So glad it's back!  Taking advantage of my little one napping while Daddy and the big one are out! Thanks  Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this linky party!


Happy Birthday to my big boy!  Sunday was my oldest's 4th birthday.  FOURTH BIRTHDAY.  I have a four year old!  That's bananas!  He had a great weekend.  These are the cupcakes I made for him to take to school.  I definitely felt like such a mommy doing that haha.  


I read "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" by Laura Numeroff to my kindergarteners and first graders this week.  They loved it!  I'm sure most of you know her books are great to talk about sequencing.  We of course did that as well as talked about the story elements.  I made a few quick activities to go along with it as well.  For kindergarten, we practiced our color words.  We then used our color words in our writing prompt.  Mine have a very difficult time writing their own name let alone a sentence, so I made a tracing activity.  They did have to write their own color word in the prompt.  I was proud of them!  For first grade, I wanted them to describe what kind of cupcake they would give the cat.  We talked about sentence structure and rereading what we write to make sure it makes sense.  Look for this little bundle in my store soon...FOR FREE :)  Also, I will so be doing "If You Give a Dog a Donut" too!


My 4th graders have been working on their oral language skills.  As a quick activity, we look at a picture one day and discuss it.  The next, they write a sentence or two about the picture.  The third day, they share their sentences.  I stepped it up a notch and introduced them to this awesome wordless book called "Journey" by Aaron Becker.  I created this little booklet so they can write their own story for the pages.  Can't wait for everyone to share them!  This will also be up for free in my store soon!

I've been trying out the containers that came with my 21-Day Fix challenge pack.  I LOVE the workouts and have been seeing some great results.  I feel so happy and healthy!  Here are some of the meals I've been testing out!

The boys are doing well.  My little one insists on bothering me during workouts lol.  He even tries it with me.  They're also working on sharing.  It's becoming increasingly harder now that the little one is getting bigger.  He often takes the big ones stuff and when a fit beings he is the one hitting and literally banging his head against my older son's head.  *sigh*  Any suggestions lol?

Have a great week everyone!  I have so many things I'm trying to work on!  I will have those freebies up ASAP!


  1. That food looks YUMMY! Keep up the great work (outs!)! It's always a busy time being a teacher and mom!

  2. I totally understand where you are at with your boys. I have 3 of my own. They are all teenagers now but I remember those days all too well. So sorry I don't have some magic words of wisdom for you, other than it will get better as they grow. Mine still "fight" to this day, but they are also each others biggest supporter and protector. Good for you with your workouts, it is always so difficult to balance everything. Hope you have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders