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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Frog Hop Phoneme Segmentation

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! First off, my apologies for being MIA this past month.  My children have been super sick the entire month.  Well, for like two years.  I need new doctors for them :(  They just don't listen to me.  I brought them both there in November and they kept brushing it off.  They continued to be sick and of course, it turned into a pneumonia for BOTH of them Christmas week.  UGH!  Despite all of that, we still had a nice Christmas.  It was really nice being forced to just stay home and play for days :)  Santa brought the boys a wagon.  I thought the big slide that the Easter Bunny brought was the best gift ever.  I think this was a winner too!  So glad we didn't get the kids a lot and really tried to stick with things they'd like.  This wagon is amazing.  It's been a Disney ride, a car, it's sailed the Never Seas, been a restaurant, a pet many things!

On a happier note, I have FINALLY posted my Frog Hop Phoneme Segmentation to my store!  I can't believe I never did!  DUH on my end!

I posted about this awhile ago, but forgot to post the product!  I made this to think of another way to get my kindergartners and first graders to practice phoneme segmentation.  They were getting bored with sitting at the table and doing it that way.  They always seem to have ants in their pants so I wanted to get them up and moving.  It was a hit!

First thing to do is print off either B&W version or the colored version.  I printed mine in B&W but on green paper.  I also laminated it since they will be stepped on.

You can either do this with your students or set up as a center.  They can pick a card (or you).  Cards are 2-5 phonemes and there are several for each.


They will say what the picture is.  Then, the student will hop out the phonemes.  They can keep the cards to tally up at the end or can play for fun.  If you want your students to practice blending phonemes, then YOU pick the card, DON'T show them, and say all of the phonemes. The students need to repeat the phonemes by hopping and then blend the word together.  It's so simple but fun!

I have some more things in the works.  Looking forward to some cute stuff for February.  I'm also interested in knowing what you guys would like to see me create.  Let me know!

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