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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Expanding from Facebook

I have grown tired of just sharing findings and stories with just Facebook.  I wanted to expand my audience in hopes of answering some of my own questions and learning from others.  It's going to be tough keeping up with this blog with two babies.  I'm up for the challenge!  In high school I used to LOVE building websites.  I had a really good Backstreet Boy one called "Little House of BSB."  I miss it and lost touch with that in college.  Even though I received my Masters in Educational Technology and had to build websites, it just wasn't the same.  I wasn't building something I cared about.  It was just for a grade.  Piece of cake.  Not a challenge.  Since I'm currently unemployed (just couldn't return to what I was doing with two little ones...hoping for something better soon!) I wanted to do something productive.  Okay so taking care of a toddler and newborn IS pretty productive.  But this is for me ;)  Enjoy!

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